Storm Bat
Storm Bat A
Storm Bat B
Storm Bat C
Close Range Weapon
KnockBack, Flinch
Mobility 1.1 (92%)
(attacking) 0.9 (73%)
∞ / ∞
ROF 8.0 shots / sec
PEN Prices +1
5 Hours 1,195 PEN
10 Hours 2,295 PEN
30 Hours 6,795 PEN
AP Prices +5
1 Day 595 AP
7 Days 1,395 AP
30 Days 2,195 AP
AP Prices +6
1 Day 795 AP
7 Days 1,895 AP
30 Days 2,895 AP

Tuned close ranged weapon with the strength of a baseball bat. It features a spin attack for extra damage to nearby opponents.

Attacks Edit

Storm Bat has 3 attack moves: Light swing, Jump Attack and Storm Wind.

  • Light swing
    • Performed by pressing the left mouse button.
    • Low damage single swing, cause knockback (which can cause wall slam if a wall is behind the target)
  • Jump Attack
    • Performed by jumping (space bar) and pressing the left mouse button.
    • High damage vertical attack. Causes flinch to the target. Can also be chained into a light swing
  • Storm Wind
    • Performed by pressing the right mouse button.
    • Medium damage attack that has a 360 degree area of effect. This attack can cancel actions such as spriting or reloading. This attack can be chained 3 times. If the right click is timed right the second and third step of the combo will do more damage

Weapon Damage Edit

Storm Bat +0 Storm Bat +5
Attack Front Back Front Back
Light Swing 34 34 36~37 36~37
Light Swing Critical 70 85 73 91
Jump Attack 68 68 69 69
Jump Attack Critical 116 116 124 124
Storm Wind (1 spin) 14 14 14~15 14~15
Storm Wind Critical (1 spin) 47~48 47~48 52 52

Notes Edit

  • Unlike all other melee weapon, this weapon has greater vertical range but it lacks horizontal range.

Images Edit

Variants Edit

  • None

External Links Edit

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